Revamped the London minibus solution

Yes. We have taken off the search engine optimist hat and embraced the sales and marketing focus that matters. We turned a long-standing problem considered “negative” in accounting into an opportunity to clean up our underperforming assets and money magnets.

Investors who believe in Gabriel Topman and Forward Outlook Ltd now have the joy of seeing that we are serious about doing this correctly and as casually as we did before. When we talk about investors, it’s not always money; time is an investment and access to other people’s resources and privileges is also an investment unless they are a general thing for everyone to access in order to advertise to them.

Now, we are just a minibus service provider, so please forgive us for sharing the understanding that aligns us with the management you should care about if you want to avoid the well-dressed, smooth-talking and honest-looking cowboys that actually fail when you try to stay safe and keep your VIPs safe. in 2017/2018

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