About us

Forward Outlook Limited is behind this agency, and Gabriel Topman is the senior management brand in charge. A diversified company that started as an e-business consultant that 1st diversified into removals, then added van rentals and minibus rentals.

During the hardest seasons of his business career, Gabriel Topman focused despite being misunderstood in the game of value-adding middleman. But that was because life was pissing on his parade and the choice was to either fail or contribute to those who needed and understood the value of his contribution.

Thanks to the COVID-19 crisis and the irrestable load that Forward Outlook Ltd was able to borrow as a legitimate group supporting middleman. Gabriel diversified even further by putting in the work required in order to solve the cash flow problems that really dragged him and his entrepreneurial journey down for years. And since building wealth and holding it is the game we exist because our minibuses drivers need all the support.


Our management and partners use these vehicles too.

Our senior management discovered this market in June 2012 because one of our strategic partnerships wanted to get out of the transport business and decided to sell the van rental business that included 12 12-seater minibuses.

The purpose for crucial users is how the win-win-win success factor of any business is determined, and quite frankly, nobody cares until the storm blows or something happens to test the situation.

Gabriel Topman noticed that the minibus or coach trip is when choirs get to practice, and football lovers catch up in person with their friends as they make their way together.

The journey itself is not only about the driver being competent and sensible; it is about the mood of the reasonable and honourable people your driver is now responsible for. So, the umbrella company and the management mentor and support our drivers.

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