Service: Minibus Hire With Driver London

London Based Minibus Drivers Are Available From £300 Per Day. Minibus Rental Cost £120 Per Day to Rent

If you want a London based minibus driver for hire. Then you have come to the right place because we are focussed on the people that get the job done.


Gabriel Topman is working with Paul because Paul and his Uncle own a fleet of 15-17 seater minibuses they rent out. And Gabriel owns large vans 6-9 seater crew vans that come in handy when you have large items that you are better off not carrying on the public transport.

When paul's customers have too many luggages or have large or bulky items that they will need at their destination. Gabriel and his team are happy to help. Gabriel's crew van also works for smaller groups that do not need up more than 8 se

We support business breaks or work related activities like film crew support, photo shoots and regular ice breaking initiatives that can be delivered by our delivery partners.

We Are Making Private Traveling For Groups - Safer, Fun, Smoother And Available Now.


We believe that quality drivers are priceless but the cost of hiring a minibus and the total value delivered can become a bargain.


Don't worry about price because we have it covered. If you find a like for like service for less than you found here. We promise to make it right and even compensate you by giving £20 credit towards your next trip.

But we are not waiting for competitive spirits to bring half baked promises as they temporarily undercut us. We promise to listen and do our best to offer you great value you can trust and rely on.

Overtime, our minibus hire with driver service will come with the following extras:

  • Hotel discounts of up to 10% across the UK
  • A safe guest house  in London and Essex
  • Free tour guide for sightseeing
  • Licenced Security agent on the minibus.


Benefits of Traveling with a London Based Minibus Driver:

Apart from the obvious benefits like being more environmentally friendly, cheaper and safer to trust a professional driver who is being paid to concentrate on the important task of getting everyone their safely.

You can avoid the avoidable stress caused worrying about other people and your vehicle when going for a private minibus hire with driver or taking London's public transport.

The top benefits that makes minibus rental with driver hire a smart move for coordinators and event managers are:

  1. Effectively getting everyone there at the same time.
  2. Everyone can relax or prepare for the mutual interest.
  3. The liability And Responsibility of the journey is on the service provider.


Group Activities That Benefits From Hiring A Minibus?

  • Long distance cycling in groups
  • Charity fundraising events
  • Campaign rallies in groups
  • Filming / Film Production
  • Wedding events
  • Burial Events
  • Night outs in groups
  • Sightseeing

There are so many things worth doing in London. But sometimes a trip to the countryside, national park, Glasgow, Brighton and Manchester is irresistible. For such trips or trips to the airport (in groups of up to 16). Hiring a minibus and a driver to go with it a way of doing everything you can to avoid stress and burnouts in a situation that should be fun and inclusive.

The problem is that - for your own safety the British police can ruin cause would want to make sure that the driver of your large vehicle has the appropriate driving licence and insurance. Something called D1 Licence is required along with the licence called PSO.

We aim to help you avoid serious drama by finding the right people for the job and connecting you at no extra cost to you. We then protect and guarantee your travel by taking a small deposit on behalf of the service provider you choose.

Legroom and place to put your accessories, luggage and shopping are worth planning for. Although most of the vehicles are very spacious and fit for purpose, the most comfortable customers book larger vehicles than they might need instead of overloading themselves with items and tight spaces.

Price Guide:

If Your Journey Starts or Ends Near London, Paul's London minibus rental services can be hired along with his drivers.

If the pickup point is no further than 40 miles or 2 hours drive away from central London then Paul's Paul and his minibus drivers are likely to accept the job for as little as £240.